Sunday, July 17, 2016

Seeing red

You know you have friends that you don't have to talk to for a long time, to be able to feel very close to all the time. I am very lucky to have many of those ;) 

Today, I was having a lovely, long conversation with my friend Lovely Lotus Spirit Artist. I am fortunate to have met many, many years ago at Fort Warden during Artfest. We shared sleeping quarters and became fast friends. She has an angelic aura surrounding her, and everyone who met her, felt it! We went to many more Artfest together and remained close. She stayed at my house when she visited, and got to know and love mom too. 

She has a wonderful ability to connect to the spiritual part of the world and I was telling her that Bri had felt mom in the kitchen with her while she was cooking. Bri heard her bracelets clanging behind her and just felt the warmth. I was telling Christina that was jealous that I had not had one of the encounters ... although I feel mom in the house all the time AND I talk to the chair where she sat. 

And after about 30 more minutes of talking, Christina said, I am seeing a red top or shirt that your mom had ... did she have something red? I thought and I said, I can think of a turquoise and red necklace, but no, nothing right off. So we kept talking about art and life and said our goodbyes.

When I hung up, I looked down and realized I had on a red nightshirt. And texted Christina that fact! THEN, David said, it is even better, because that is your mom's nightshirt ... and I had forgotten that it WAS! GOOSEBUMPS. 

Then mom's favorite movie came on right after that - "Hello Dolly" ... so I guess she is closer than I could wish for! Love you mom! Thank you, Lovely Lotus xoxoxo 


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Anonymous said...

WOW .. gave me goosebumps! xoxo