Tuesday, September 08, 2015


I am trying something different to motivate myself to get my blog-mojo back, 10 day Blog Makeover Challenge just for fun. It does seem a little chaotic because it is all on Facebook, and all the comments and challenges are all jumbled together. Not sure I will be able to finish, but in the meantime, it is a little something different.

Mission statement for Something to Say, See and Savor (littlesomethings). 

*Littlesomethings* is a digital storage unit for all the amazing art that makes me giggle, people I admire, ideas that I wish I had come up with first, recipes that my mom and I would try out, my flower photography, something coolly sewn together, anything to do with a rock, a tree branch or old, worn out box … and so much more. It is the place where I challenge myself to write when I think I can not, to share my illustrations and design work when I feel a shy about doing so, to talk about life, my family, peaks and valleys, discover something about me that I did not know. And the cherry on top of the blog, make some wonderful friends. And my design/illustration blog

Day 2: If your blog was a place, where would it be?
*Littlesomethings* is an antique, overstuffed chair and ottoman in front a crackling fire; snuggled into a brightly colored, modern quilt; falling into an interesting book with a glass of moderately priced Cabernet Sauvignon; in the library of a 2500 sq ft cabin in Montana. My blog imagery on Pinterest.

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