Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Smell of the woods

I know it has been too long since I posted anything interesting. Been busy with my new job, our new granddaughter and trying to prepare for Christmas. And not doing too good at that. I managed to get the trees up, with lights and stopped there. Maybe next year, we will appreciate the trimmings more since we will not put them up this year.

My new job is challenging and takes up much of my brain power. 

I have been watching a new channel, Esquire TV. Well, not just watching, addicted to a couple of shows. Very masculine and full of stylish stuff. How I Rock It and Matt Hranek's Alternative Route

Matt Hranek has a blog called The William Brown Project where he explores his passions of hunting, vintage cars and food.

This is where I discovered some new fragrances for men that I would love to purchase for David.

Floris sounds amazing. "Floris No. 89: Orange and bergamot blended with lavender and neroli give No.89 its classical cologne aspect. Warmed with a touch of spicy nutmeg, the floral heart is underscored by the dominant woody accord of sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver in this quintessentially English gentleman’s fragrance."

I did find some on a discount fragrance site a little more affordable. More history about Floris on a wonderful blog - Bond Lifestyle. 

This Wood cologne (handsome notes of cedar, with hints of lime, vetiver grass, spruce, and aromatic hiba wood) from Portland General Store.

Also been listening to Gregorian Chants at work, to get me in the holiday spirit. 

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