Saturday, November 02, 2013

Mason in da house

We have a new baby, born October 29. I wondered today why I felt so completely exhausted and thought, "Yeah, we just had a baby! I have been completely overwhelmed with my new job. My husband has been working 7 days a week for months. My mom is very ill. I still have freelance jobs out there that I am neglecting. And a completely filthy house (which makes me tired to just think about)".

So, maybe, I have a reason to be tired. That is what my husband and mom keep reminding me. The kids have taken Mason to her folks to meet, aunts and and great-grandmothers, etc. I took the opportunity to clean the rooms where they hang out. 

Yesterday, feeling a little tired and sick, I left work a couple of hours early. Got home to realized it was not raining as predicted, so mowed, cut grape vines from my neighbors yard, and cut some clematis that make it impossible for my neighbors to close their gate, cut down my old lilies and filled up the back of my truck. Then I really did feel exhausted. Came in and held Mason for an hour. Just watched her face, her smiles, her yawns, her stretches. All adorable and affirming. 

We are having such a great time just watching her every move, and even more fun, watching Matt and Bri watching Mason's every move. She such an easy baby. "Titty-baby". As long as she can eat, and sleep, she is perfectly content. She reminds me of Matt and Bri's mom says she reminds her of Bri, so, right now, we have the easiest baby in the world. She is handed over from person to person in the house, rocking and cooing and loving her. It is all very, very wonderful. Even the dogs are already protective of her. If and when she decided to cry, they all run to her defense.

Feeling pretty blessed right now in my personal life. Not quite so convinced about my career right now, but I know I will figure it all out. So am not stressing over it too much.

Bri is a terrific mom, which makes being a grandmother so much easier. Watching Matt so in love with Mason, becoming a terrific dad, is another completely satisfying vision.

My only, and supremely wonderful sister told me a couple of days ago she has breast cancer. So if you have a prayer group, or have an upstairs connection yourself, I would be so thankful. Her name is Lisa. She is the best of our family. 


Erin Wilson said...

Congratulation!! She's beautiful!! I'm sure I've said this before, but I so love multi-generational households. And sweet Mason is going to get to benefit from the wisdom of so many great souls, and to know in her core how much she is loved. What an amazing way to start out life!!

So, so sorry to hear the news of your sister. I am praying for her...

Anonymous said...

Kim, what wonderful news about sweet Mason's birth; I know you all are overjoyed! Congrats to Matt and Bri and her grandparents and her great grandmother :) She's one lucky baby to be born into a family with so much love.

My thoughts and prayers to your sister; am hoping that she kicks cancer's butt and makes a speedy (and full!) recovery.

Lots of love to everyone!

mairedodd said...

i am sending love to you and your family as it experiences all the bittersweet that life has to offer. congratulations on the birth of a healthy baby, support and strength to a sister whose life has just changed. one thing seems very clear - there is a lot of love, perhaps the most important thing that any of us could possibly ask for.
wishing you all the best - smiles, rest, a hug when there are tears, acceptance balanced by fierce determination. and make sure that as you take care of others, you also take good care of you -

kate i said...

So happy for the joy that this new life is bringing to your family Kim! What a beautil sweet gift she is. Prayers are sent for your sister and mother...and for you too to find rest and rejeuvination to recharge your batteries. Sending love.

ELFI said...

magnifique photos de la maternité ..
la grand-maman se porte bien...!
félicitations à toute la famille et mes voeux pour que ce cancer est stoppé.. vite et bien!

LindaSonia said...

Oh my - Congratulations!! Mason is such a sweet little peanut!!

Blessings and prayerful good wishes to you and yours for all good things - always!!


VINA TANK said...
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