Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I saw this from my porch the other morning and ran down to the water front to grab this image. It was an amazing sight and I wish my camera had captured it better. 

A gift

I finally got into the spirit at the last minute. I loved my wrapping this year. My S-I-L's wrapping was the best, but then we are always in an unspoken competition each year. Found some greenery needing trimming outside. I always have big spools of thread purchased from the Goodwill over the years. And of course, craft paper or just a grocery sack turned inside out will do. Sometimes, simple is perfect. 

last minute gift wrapping

It was fun to watch the kids get into the giving spirit, have fun wrapping presents for weeks! They had a good Christmas. I bought them (really, Santa bought it for me). A cute HEMNES cupboard for them and their extra stuff that doesn't fit in their room. Now the hallway is nice and neat. And then, there is my little Santa. First Christmas for Pebbles and she had a good time. They got their new toys in their stocking and then proceeded to take them away from each other and run. 

As usual, my S-I-L outdid herself on gifts! David got me the cutest little incense burning cabin, the smoke floats out of the chimneys!

I found this vintage Santa with glitter beard ($8.00) for David's package. My find of the season were  4 - 1935 Seattle Times color comic pages! For $20.00. Thinking if he didn't like it, someone at the Times would love to have them. But he loved them too.

Santa brought mom lots of bling rings (From Arts of Snohomish, Melissa Subitch) and good smelly stuff.

My gift was getting away from computer, email and websites and just relaxing. Keeping the fire roaring for a day. Lighting my candles ... drinking lots of champagne. Letting the dogs in and out all day. Giving job search a rest.

Hoping everyone had a great Christmas!!!! Oh, and the highlight of the day. Maggie sent me a singing Chihuahua Christmas card. We all roared with laughter and it will forever hang on a Christmas Tree. Thank you, Maggie!!!!

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