Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Sta-cation. Studio-cation. Garag-cation. Patio-cation. I am sunbathing and reading old magazines that I have let pile up for months. Getting brown ;) Brown fat looks so much better than white fat, you can agree with that.

Yesterday, I read my pile of old Vanity Fairs ... so now they are off the Senior Citizens Thrift store. Today - Entertainment Weekly - A Harry Potter special issue. Very interesting stuff about behind-the-scenes set design and prop makings. Read about Miraphora Mina, prop designer, who work on some of the props for Harry Potter. Like the The Half-Blood Prince’s Potions Book. What a fun job that would be!

Also found out there is a new Masterpiece coming in a couple of weeks - ZEN AND that my favorite childhood TV show, (I can almost hear the soundtrack just thinking about it ...  please someone have the good sense to stick with the same soundtrack) - Dark Shadows is coming out in a movie in 2012. Trying not to pay attention to the Casey Anthony debacle on the news.

David and I are painting/distressing some book cases specially made to house his collection of vinyl albums that are currently taking over the family room floor.

Making my way to the studio to PAINT. Still wrapping up some website work. And adding to my Pinterest Rings and Things. But painting is on my list of things to do next!

I have to say, it does feel good to give myself permission to have a mental vacation, to not job hunt, and just relax and not worry about next week. I will wait until next week to worry about that ;)


s'mee said...

How sad is it that, in all your interesting bullet points the one that *really* caught my eye was the one about "Dark Shadows". I'm cracking up thinking about how, after a zillion years, my young girl self is jumping up and down at the thought of it on the big screen. Then I follow the link and find that they have Tim Burton directing with Johnny Depp as Barnabus? FINALLY! A vampire movie I can sink my teeth into!

Kim Carney said...

you and me both!!! I can't tell you how my teenage self is so excited about this ;)

kim said...

I have been in love with Rufus Sewell since Cold Comfort Farm, so I can't wait for Zen. Such a hottie.

And Dark Shadows. Oh yeah. Right there with you. But a bit of the pure cheeziness will be lost with a Tim Burton version. It won't be the same.

kim said...

PS- Off to Anacortes tomorrow for my son's wedding Saturday. One of your peony photo cards is going on the wedding present. It was perfect! said...

We watched Dark Shadows every day after school. I miss those days. So glad to hear you are a fan.