Saturday, April 17, 2010

Current currency

We were talking about old coins and how large a British tuppence was last night. Most people in this discussion loved the idea of how easy it was to travel having the convenience of one currency, as the Euro. My thoughts were how boring, not to mention dangerous having 16 countries trading one currency. It isn't one country, having one currency, it is many and how stable the economies are in those individual countries are tied to that currency. At least have a different set of Euros from each nation. Like the U.S. Fifty State Commemorative Quarter. That might be interesting.

But mainly I imagine not having coins from foreign countries available to us in say, 400 years, is sad to me. A beautiful coin collection. A coin you can hold in your hand and conjure up how many other hands had handled that coin throughout time. The thought is a powerful one.

Biblical Coins

Coins of the Vandals and nothing more beautiful than Greek Attica coins. Found on Beast Coins, LLC. Notice in the Attica coin images below (from Beast Coins), the similarity with elegant differences. I LOVE these coins.

The Coinage of Caligula on Joe Geranio's and Coin collection by Jerry Woody both on Flickr.

Old coins and the Money Museum. And

The Richmond Collection is one of the greatest US coin collections ever assembled. With over 3,600 coins, the collection comprises a near-complete set of US coins from 1839 to 1955.

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