Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nicholas Wilton

Nicholas Wilton paintings and his very entertaining blog via the very, very talented Sophie Munns. (I feel like I have all ready blogged about this ... but I can't find it, sorry Sophie, if I am repeating myself).

Not much blogging so far this week. I think I might be coming down with whatever my son has had for the last 5 days. I certainly hope not, have so much to do in the next two weeks. I had a hard and emotional day yesterday ... my self-esteem feels like it is being thrashed about. Then driving home I watched a blind woman, smartly dressed, walking home. Waiting at the a light to cross a busy street. And I felt so ashamed of myself for not being more brave. And so proud of her for being so.


Sophie Munns said...

Hi Kim!
how are you?
lovely to come across this post. Have been so busy and am just grabbing a little blogging a big hello...and thanks for the compliment!

sophie munns said...


I did really enjoy this artist's work qnd the projects and Redford story etc.

Good to be reminded and look at his work again!

get zapped said...

Gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing!