Sunday, March 28, 2010

Go For Baroque

Lynne Perrella's Go For Baroque classes final projects were STUNNING. "Colorful, opulent, lavish, theatrical…..Mixed Media at it’s MOST excessive! Begin by selecting a classic fascinating portrait – any Countess, Renaissance Prince, or Notorious Personage will do – and then spend a whole day learning about maximum layering, embellishing, encrusting, dripping and splattering, and building a rich lavish surface. If your mantra is “More is more”, this class is for you. You’ll not only walk away with a ransom of endless ideas, but you will also create a baronial-sized (18 X 35) mixed media embellished panel. All of these ideas will illuminate your future work in collage, art journals, and mixed media paintings. The Baroque Age comes to Artfest – For celebrants of color, pattern, embellishment, and layering. For Seekers and Adventurers."

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By Jessica Herman Goodson piece made me stop and swoon.

Unfortunately, I did not get the artist name on the next two examples.