Saturday, February 06, 2010


I stopped off at B&N last night to take a look at Tara's spread in Artful Blogger. Flipping through many magazines and stumbled across Voewood. Well, it was really a butterfly quilt in a piece on Voewood that caught my eye. I was hoping to see more detail on that quilt, but no. The quilt or wall hanging was an antique or old linen with big, colorful butterflies quilted and flying about. "Voewood is an extraordinary Arts and Crafts country house that has been restored to the highest standard. It combines an interior that includes bold designs while remaining true to the essence of the original building. The house was built largely from stone quarried from the land, thus creating beautiful sunken gardens and croquet lawns." Well, I would love to stay there for a week to explore. ;) By the way, there is just a snippet of that butterfly quilt in one of these photos below.

Do you find yourself leaving a bookstore repeating names over and over to Google or look up when you get home? I do it all the time. If I think I will forget the name, I just buy the magazine. ;) I looked up many names last night. Okay, I am off the Rick's for my Wordpress class. See you.


Deborah Boschert said...

I snap pictures with my iPhone of things I want to look up when I get home. (The good magazines are so pricey!)

jill said...

ohhh THAT chair... sigh. and Yum.