Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love today

For Valentine's Day I thought I would participate from afar in Blog it Forward, about what I love, what inspires me, what propels me to continue this blog. I love to find things that make me swoon, paper sculptures, typography, linen clothing, wild and chaotic paintings and quilts that make my eyes wobble in my head. Fun and unusual rings. Green architecture. And I love to make things. Discovering the process. Getting out the tools. Making a mess then cleaning up. Sewing (or least dreaming of sewing). I am not an artist but I believe more of a crafts person, needing to keep my mind and hands busy, thinking of ... and making something.

And then my family always inspires me to be and do bigger and better things in my life.

But for the bloggers that inspire me ... well,

The unusual in the mundane. Being surprised by finding beautiful shapes and functionality in nature. Always looking out for something very special. Daily Poetics, Ulla, Wish Jar.

Thinking out of the box. In all aspects and encouraging us the do the same. Art for Housewives. Jared Shear, Dear Ada and Shelley at Notes from Halfland.

Knowing there are normal, mentally healthy, content, fun, smart bloggers in the world, knot in the string and Dee at Thea Quilts

... that they are raising kids AND being creative, life in the lyons' den , Deborah Boschert, Bella Dia and Kelly at the camp.

That are always looking to be better and helping others do the same by spreading inspiration, exploring all senses, be present, be there and visual voice.

That inspired me from the beginning of my blogging effort, Erica Mulherin - Currently.

Friends that love me no matter how many miles, years are between us, Rita, Faith, Tara and Sherry.

Friends that I found through this little blog, Just Jill, Scott, Shash and Erin at Biscotti Togs.

Friends that don't blog at the moment, Meggiecat, Michelle but still inspire me.

A talented friend gone too soon, Daily Learning.

love blossom

So Happy Valentine's Day to you! Thanks for stopping by. The below images are very large for you to download, here and here, if you want to make your own card today.


hot type of love

Or maybe this on for a little love tag.

one love


Erin Wilson said...

Kim, this is lovely. Might I suggest it takes an artist (yes, I'll say it), with a the kind of generous eye and heart that you have, to make something this beautiful.

Kim Carney said...

Dearest Erin ... you are too sweet to me. Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day. ! I have been knee deep in muddy backyard, planting and cleaning. A good day. xoxo

Maxinetoo said...

Artist indeed! Happy Valentine's Day Kim. Happy to hear it has been a fun day. xoxo

S'mee said...

Oh I agree! what a generous and beautiful (thoughtful!) gift! Thanks so much!

The links are fab! Some, like you, have become my friends, my inspirations, and others I am looking forward to visiting- wheee!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said... made my day...

Mesclun said...

Wouldn't you know, I responded to the wrong post. My comments on the previous post actually belong here.

Deborah Boschert said...

Oh Kim! I am so thrilled to hear that my work and my blog are on your *love* list. You have been on my *love* list for years and I am continually inspired by your stunning photography, your keen eye and your wildly good taste.

Tara Ross Studios said...

Happy belated valentine's day! I am so happy I'm on your love list!

Salvage Studio said...

These photos are stunning!


Kim Carney said...

Thank you everyone! that was a fun post ... even if it wasn't an "official" blog it forward
Love you all.