Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mondo Beyondo (list)

I have been writing a Mondo Beyondo list since I first read about it on Andrea Scher's blog, Superhero Journal many years ago. I would always get to about no. 40 and leave it. Start another some other time later, get to no. 50, drift off ... you know the drill. They have gone beyond making list, now there is an online class offered by Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen, I think would be great to attend.

I had sent out a link to many a Mondo Beyondo list out there in blogland to my brainstorming group. We talked about our dreams, our wants, assessing ourselves and our assets for the next meeting. Then after not reading many blog lately, today I saw that Susan (Visual~Voice) had made one as well. Just do it, I said ...  don't stop at 40 or 50. Don't get half way through then run off to make the bed or feed a dog. Commit this afternoon to finishing that one little task. So here is my first draft. I don't think there is ever a final draft, it is always growing, moving, changing, just like us.

We had our brainstorming meeting on Saturday morning. Mom made a big breakfast of frittata, lots of bacon, Anne brought poppy-seed muffins, homemade grape juice, banana bread. We talked about personal mission plans. Assessing our assets. We all have a project or two to complete before our next meeting. Mom cooking breakfast. Benjamin Franklin's Personal Mission Statement. Erma Bombeck. Write a business mission statement, how to write it.

Have more flying dreams
more sit-down family dinners
have one night for soup and game night (with kids) (doing this more)
make a list of weekly meals
be more organized
be less sensitive
enjoy each day, all day
look forward to getting up at 430a
talk and listen more to my son
spend more moments in a day seeing and noting the beauty
take more flower pictures
publish my “in a vase” flower book
watch less tv
spend more time in my studio
make a business plan for my new idea
personal mission statement
finish my logo
register my company name and website
find manufacturer
start my Christmas cards early
organize my address book that I lost from the last computer
learn CSS and remember what I have learned! (signing up for a whole semester!
write my self-assessment
clean and organize all files on my computer and keep it that way
get rid of the 100’s of zip disk laying around
cancel storage unit
make a quilt before Christmas
be happy and content
purchase that new mac I need
quit biting nails 

pay closer attention to my peonies (moved them in a new bed and bought more)
walk around my neighbor more
go walking in a remote locations looking for exotic seedpods
write my son a little love book
give away clothes and shoes I am not wearing
get a couple of freelance illustration gigs (to keep up my illustrator skills)
design someone a logo  

make more flower postcards
find an investor consultant
get my passport renewed
work on art every day for 1.5 hours
look into a show in Edmonds
Make 10 pieces of art

some kind of art
Start and finish the painting M and I want to paint together

use all of my blank canvases before buying new ones
Write more letters
have the grape arbor mended

take more day trips around Eastern Washington
create my own font (or a couple)
and give them away
make more photoshop brush sets
and give those away
paint a painting a week
finish the family movie project I got from my dad
call my sister more often
go to Texas more
make more backgrounds and don't forget your camera when you leave home 
make many more "Ringa" rings
keep sketching Ringa ideas 
make other kinds of rings
get ready for artfest jewelry class so I can be prepared 
clean our my sewing room
make something, anything with all of that fabric I have there 
don't get discouraged and hide inside of my television
encourage my son to follow his dreams...
experiment in his art, 
make good grades...
be kind ...
and honest person (reinforce this everyday)
make my flower/poster ideas 
make greeting cards (might be too late on this one ... seems saturated)
make something from handmade paper 
learn to play the violin (well, this is a mondo beyondo list)
visit the PNW coast 
etch some bottles
learn flash (again) and make some fun little animations for me
wear some makeup everyday
and brush my hair (that was a little lofty idea)
sew some of the clothes I want make
with the patterns I have and love
drive to Montana
visit Paris
and London 
sell some of my extra books on amazon
decide what to do with my extra dishes
check my oil every 3,000 miles
think of my carbon footprint every day and try to make it smaller
get a rain barrel
try to excel at work once more 
get all my medical checkups out of the way
be a better person
listen more intently
don't be so selfish and self-absorbed
don't be jealous
smile more and find the humor in the situation
remember this day is not a dress rehearsal 




Jan said...

Love your the new's seem like a neat lady, Miz Kim!

Kim Carney said...

oh Jan! You are too sweet. My husband and M-I-L and mom commented on my other banner ... I had decided I wanted to do a new one per month, so no time like the present to remedy a bad banner idea ;)
Neat, I am not sure. Stumbling through, that I am sure of. ;)
Make your list! xoxo

etc @ said...

I love this idea and I love your list. I think I might attempt one of my own fairly soon. I will say this. At the beginning of last year, I wrote on our blog that it was my intention to sell one book and write another and IT HAPPENED. Words have power!

susan said...

cool! I'm glad my post inspired you to just get your list done. :) I love "remember this day is not a dress rehearsal" as well as everything your heart's set your mind to. Love your logo, btw.. wonderful!

Amy said...

this is a great list! and i so know what you mean with the starting and stopping of the list. i really like the idea of a personal mission statement. i need one of those. maybe it will help me stay on track!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i love it kim...and if you get that show in edmonds give me plenty of advanced notice...i want to be there... :)

oh...and i think i need one of these groups...i need some people to kick my butt and get me in gear...

Maxinetoo said...

Love your list Kim ... many things on there I should do as well. If you do a show in Edmonds (or anywhere) let me know if you need help. If not, I'll be there anyway.

wilsonian said...

What a fantastic list! And how totally wonderful that even in composing a list you show beauty. Woooot!