Monday, September 07, 2009

End of summer blues

End of summer seems to be upon us before I even enjoyed most of my flowers, or sat more than once in my lounge chair on the deck. School begins tomorrow. Back to very early mornings for M.

And speaking of school ... are we a nation of idiots? Why are some schools boycotting Obama's back-to-school speech because parents are afraid
? Huh? What? Many past presidents that given the same motivational speech.
I agree with this: "Democratic strategist Chris Lehane said the protest against the presidential speech “shows at some level how desperate the right is to find an issue to challenge Obama on ..." from The reaction to this saddens and sickens me.

secret "8" petal

(notice the little 8 I found on the petal while I was shooting it)

end of summer blues


S'mee said...

I completely agree, where were these outraged concerned parents when the past presidents were speaking? Oy!

If the message were morally against what I wished for my kids, then maybe, but taking responsibility for their own education? Yea, deplorable! :p

I just don't get the mindset here, the foot stomping hatred and fear that is being generated in anticipation of *this* speech; seriously?

Scott W said...

Maybe that's a sideways infinity symbol?

Kim Carney said...

amen, sista!

Kim Carney said...

scott, good thinkin', I think you are right!