Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have only been really hot a couple of days in August since I moved here. July 4th is usually cold, always rains and we have a fire in the fire place for everyone that is here to visit. But not this year. I haven't been able to sleep in a couple of nights. My hydrangeas are suffering. The dogs are hot and confused. I got sun burned in my non-air-conditioned truck today. Too hot to eat. No air conditioned house, have so many fans going, it is hard to hear. Yes, we are suffering. I want one of those baby pools so I can just sit in it from 3pm until the sun sets. ;)


Jan said...

Oh, Kim, I hope you all get some blessed relief soon. I know how miserable that can be. A baby pool would be good....get in a lounge chair under a shade tree in the yard, and get a gizmo for the hose that sprays a mist. Praying some cool breezes come your way!

dee said...

Hope things cool off really soon. It's horrible when you are not used to it.

Grandma PMC said...

If all else fails head for Kansas. We are on target for the coldest July ever - except for the 3 days Kate Nelson was here. The AC wasn't turned on until July 1st and has run only now and then since that. Ceiling fans have yet to be tested. Yuall are welcome.