Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tagged For Ten

Brenda tagged me for 10 things about myself. Honest things. Well, I don't know if there is anything left to tell about myself ;) and/or that I am so boring lately, I have nothing interesting to tell. So, here I go.

I have a foul mouth. I do not use it around my son ... and try to watch myself at work. And always feel guilty when I let it rip.

I feel older than dirt the last six months.

Lately, I really feel like a square peg being hammered into a round hole.

It is hard for me to be social lately or even strike up conversations with others ... I want to be very quiet and alone for now.

My brain feels like a pinball machine ... words, thoughts, like the small balls are hitting one side of my brain and flying over to the other side, lighting up and making pinging noises.

I am addicted to NPR and listen to it most of the day streaming live.

I trust my son will do the right thing most of the time. He is full of good common sense and honesty.

My purse looks like the inside of a garbage can and tell myself everynight driving home from work that I will clean it out!

My truck looks like the inside of a garbage can and tell myself everynight driving home from work that I will clean it out!

I normally get dressed from slightly-worn-dirty clothes which lay on a chair in the bedroom. I call this "dressing off the floor".


dee said...

omg, we're separated-at-birth twins...really scary Kim.

Kate I said...

I've been going through the quiet, silent, words phase these last few months too. The time of year? The stars aligning (or not)? Our age? Who knows! I've just decided to go with it and trust that I'll come out of it when the time is right. Life is about ebb and flow and right now I'm ebbing!

Kim, I can't remember (I'm ebbing, remember) if I thanked you for your beautiful flower cards or not. They were here waiting for me when I got back from Mexico and they're just beautiful. Thank you for your very sweet generosity.

Brenda Kula said...

Well, I have an even fouler mouth, I'm sure. But I don't feel guilty. I blame it on menopause. For what words came before: my dear, I don't give a damn. I listen to NPR constantly in the car while I'm driving. I would be a basket case without antidepressants. Have you tried them for the doldrums? You remember I'm married to a psychiatrist? My poor oldest daughter: she has been assigned my ashes when I die, and told to bury them in a garden. She knows all my dead pets come along for the ride! So who's worse, huh?

Joanne S said...

I dress off the floor also but limit myself to 2- 3 days tops of the same items. then I have to wash them.

I think, we of a certain age, realize that we won't have the retirement of our grandparents (at 50 with a check every month till they died) or our parents (my dad is 86 and has collected SS and medicare since he was 50- scooter chair and everything they can stick on his medicare card) Not a care in the world other than dying. He doesn't want to.

I'm healthy and worry about how long I will live and will there be money and can I get a job at 62? Our world is a very insecure place right now.

thank you for bringing beauty to it with your flower pictures. I soak them up!