Sunday, July 17, 2005

Splendid Sunday Start To My Vacation

Wonderful Sunday, beginning with brunch for my friend Chi, hosted by her friend and former landlord, Michelle. Chi is radiant, expecting her first baby. Michelle, lawyer, former judge, art collector - kept me visually entertained with her amazing collection - not to mentioned well fed. I loved this very large painting of Red Horses. And she had a little mobile of two jesters. Here is one.

red Horses


Then, armed with the knowledge I hate today's fashions, I went shopping. I love Bryn Walker's clothes and stopped to see their summer offerings. Unfortunately, it seems Bryn Walker does not have a strong web presence (duh, Bryn, get with it) so can't show too many examples. Cotton flood pants, I have several Scholars Robes, a long sleeve version of the
Zen Vest, I also have the long Zen Vest. Nice linen selections, in a Flax-kind-of style, with an hint of Asian. I almost bought this shorter version, but honestly, have just gained too much weight to carry this off.

In the next store I found this wonderful silk, URU jacket with madarin collar. I bought it, thinking I might return it. But I really like it. Also bought my mom a wonderful sage green linen overalls and a couple of skimpy cotton T-shirts to send her in HOT Texas for a birthday present.

Red Jacket

I have many big silver rings that coud double as weapons in a pinch. So I found this wonderful blue stone ring at a street fair the other day and had to have it ($50.00). It looks great with a bunch of other silver bands.

Blue ring

My husband gave me three bands made by an New Mexico artist (can't remember her name, but have her card somewhere) for my engagement rings. These are my favorite jewelry pieces, but they need to be resized. It is on my vacation-stuff-to-do-list. He has always known my taste.

Engagement Rings


Charlotte said...

Ok.. I'm drooling now! :) What a Fabulous day indeed! I love those engagement rings, too cool. I spent my sunday stuck indoors with a pesky cold that will Not go away! Where in TX is your mother now? We've actually been getting some much needed rain lately, but still too hot. Glad you had a wonderful day, now next time you have to take me shopping with you! lol ;)

mati rose said...

i love the layering of rings look! beautiful.

amanda said...

all of those rings are just gorgeous!!! Wow....and I love that they were your engagement rings. How perfect.

Amy said...

OMG I love those rings, all of them! I have a soft spot for gigantic silver rings and gigantic gemstone rings too. I'm so glad you started vacation off with a bang! Have fun!!