Thursday, July 14, 2005

Google Earth

The internet is amazing daily trip and just keeps getting more interesting. Besides the live streaming video from Live 8 Live, Google Earth is the next coolest thing I have ever seen in cyberspace. It is a large application for the PC only, not for Macs. Sorry. I traveled all over the world today looking at places I have lived. Click on images for larger file.

This was my best friend's house during our Jr. High, High Schools days, and next to it, her dad's vet clinic in Ranch Estates, Denton.

Mel's house

This is where I lived in Flower Mound, Texas when my dad was training horses for Cecil Pearson. The big building is a barn. It looks like the house is gone, but there are several tanks we used to fish in. It is nice to see a huge piece of land unclaimed by Blockbuster Video, concrete and Starbuck. This area was all once just green horse pastures and it was beautiful.


And this is my house now. I also found the apartments in Oak Cliff where I lived when I was 8 years old.


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Amy said...

I wonder how often the images are updated. I found our house, only three of our neighbors homes where just graded plots. Still a really neat application. Between this and Stumble my house is going to be in shambles!