Saturday, February 03, 2018


New Cubist Tattoos by Peter Aurisch 

Tattoos by Expanded Eye

Mattia Mambo

Lionel Fahy

Amanda Chanfreau


s'mee said...

I really am not a fan of anything permanent on a body, piercings, make up tattoos... that said, I don't much care if anyone else does permanent whatever to themselves. I very much appreciate good skill when I see it, and I am constantly impressed by tattoo artists and what they can achieve! These are just great, I love the style of the art, the colours, and hey, that one 6th from the bottom, the little bird, well that looks like something you would draw!

ELFI said...

le tatouage vu autrement... mais malgré tout, il me fait mal à la peau :)))

Sneak Small Moments said...

Wow! Some of these are amazing!

Kim Carney said...

s'mee i dont really like tattoos but these seems to have gotten much more sophisticated ... I would almost go for one of these ... maybe a inch x inch version ;)

Kim Carney said...

Sneak Small Moments That is what I said. My son follows some of these artist on instagram. I was amazed

Kim Carney said...

ELFI Je ne veux pas faire de l'art sur ma peau quand elle commence à glisser et à tomber (ou pire, ÉTIREMENT