Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yellowstone National Park headed home

I am so lucky to have a best friend who invites me along on her adventures of a lifetime. We kept saying, as we were driving through Mammoth at 6am with our horrible-free-hospitality-hotel-coffee sloshing around in the styrofoam cups ... with snow falling silently over Mammoth ... "Let's not forget this wonder of being in Yellowstone in the winter". They snowplow the Northern entrance at Gardiner to Cooke City everyday. Only the hardiest of photographers are out there photographing the beautiful winter life of Yellowstone: bison, foxes, elk, wolves, birds, snow ... lots of snow. I always get so wrapped up in Robin photographing something that I forget to pull out my iPhone. But this time I got a couple of shots and 2 hand-fulls of sand. :) It was an amazing drive home. We left Yellowstone at 6:30 am, on I90 and arrived in Seattle around 7 pm. A breathtaking snow-filled drive. We live in the most beautiful place! Robin and I feel extremely lucky!

Then there were those white-out conditions ;)

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