Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rockin' the wreaths, all year 'round

I love wreaths and flowers! All of my familys' birthdays come in February, flowers are such a good idea for those of us who don't need anything except to feel the love. Flower delivery by BloomNation inspired me to share my ideas on rockin' wreaths, all the year. And in our constant rain, I am searching for inspired ideas to bring a little nature indoors. Do you have a favorite Valentine wreath? I would love to hear about it.


My husband wants three of these feather wreaths by on Etsy for our kitchen cabinet doors, where I hang three wreaths all year. 

This year I found some rustic twig wreaths on sale at JoAnn Fabrics for this holiday season.

I have many sets of wreaths for this cabinet for all seasons.

hoppsydaisy on Etsy has the best wreaths, a little expensive but well worth all the effort that goes into felting those cute little balls with the best color combination.

DyJoDesigns on Etsy dreams of sugar plum fairies when they create these sweet (but pricey) fruit wreaths. They are created from artificial fruit ... I did look into how much it would cost to purchase all of the fruit to whip up one of these for myself. Not sure I would come out ahead.


I found this on on Issuu - 2010-2011 Lion Brand Catalog. The pattern is free here, you must join to get it. 

I love this Christmas wreath made from fabric leaves and felted pompoms found on Mandy Lynn. I can see three small ones of these. 

Ring of Roses with felt.


Living wreaths by Robin Charlotte.

 Succulent wreath from Floral Grubb


Realistic artificial Boxwood wreath by Elegant Wreath on Etsy, they also do a wonderful artificial Tulip, Berry and Red Pepper.


I tend to love the rustic, rough wreaths from natural branches or leaves.


Obviously Sweet has made a beautiful wreath with textured patterned paper.

Paper Leaves Wreath from DesignSponge, with big luxurious leaves.

A Faux Fall Leaf wreath from Please Note. With instructions. 

How to make a coffee filter wreath

I really want to make this - Inkling: brown bag wreath {faux bay leaves} from homework. I want to make three small ones for my kitchen. She uses recycled paper bags. Love!


 Maybe even edible?


In this cold weather, it is important to remember our feathered friends in need of food and water. I  buy suet by the case and make sure they are stocked up out in the backyard. I also love the decorate my backyard with a DIY Birdseed Wreath - birds have good taste too, you know! No time to make your own, you can purchase one from Duncraft.

I have over 500 lovely wreaths on my Pinterest Wreath board, go have a look.

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