Sunday, June 09, 2013


A very busy weekend. I am hoping to get my schedule down soon so I can figure out what days/hours/minutes I have to clean, or organize or just iron some clothes. 

In the meantime. Sometimes I discover blogs or sites that just send me into a wonderful mental space. I found this post about Cottonwood from Wild Olive Branch

"A Moment of Hope 

Hope drifted gently on the wind on a sunny Anchorage summer day recently. Hope in this case was encapsulated in millions of cottony seeds filling the air and sky from thousands of cottonwood trees. I sat suddenly awed by the meaning embedded in that commonplace annual event. The tiny seeds of the cottonwood are surrounded by feathery material. They almost float. With a little dry warmth that breaks open their natal seed pod they burst into the wind carrying the hopes of the cottonwood tribe." 

And this wonderful, visually beautiful blog called Still. With wonderful imagery. Like this entry:

"familiar expat 

one of the benefits of STILL blog has been a growing awareness of my everyday environment. there are certain subjects like cattails and milkweed that have always been been favorites. but as a result of looking around me more carefully, a few new favorites have climbed quietly up near the top of my list, including cottonwood trees, willow, and, maybe least likely of all, mullein, a naturalized immigrant from Europe.
mullein rosette in late may rice creek regional trail, saint paul, minnesota" 

"useful decoration 

these linden blossoms caught my attention as i pulled into to the bank today.  the yellow-green ribbons looked like party decorations. i learned that they are called bract, and they are there to launch the ripened seed-clusters just a little beyond the parent tree.
linden leaves and blossoms
saint paul, minnesota"

I wish I could describe with such emotion the way my flowers make me see the world! I know watching flowesr grow and giving everyone so much pleasure, then see them in the process of dying, making seeds, dispersing seeds, then renewal ... always make me hopeful.

And for my last note. Tonight, I saw a bunch of crows chasing an eagle from the neighborhood. The eagle scooped down so low to the ground, I thought I could touch him. Brave crows. And what do you think that big, fierce eagle is thinking? With that, goodnight!


Mary Jo said...

What a thoughtful and beautiful blog. Thank you for featuring STILL blog today. I feel honored.

We bumped into each other a year ago on Pinterest, do you remember? About sheet metal Clips! Are you still collecting?

Mary Jo

Kim Carney said...

Oh my! I do remember! How wonderful. I am not now. I love your blog!

Deborah Boschert said...

I love those leaves. We have them all over our neighborhood. I am amazed by the fact the the "leaves" are two entirely different shapes and colors.