Saturday, February 02, 2013


Makes me want to be in a small boat, in nature. More from Islands and Rivers
Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.


s'mee said...

I saw this a while back. I love the expression of awe then pure joy at being allowed to witness this lovely ballet in the sky. What a gift to be out on that lake that very day, that very hour!

Scott W said...

I have spent the better part of an evening watching these videos. Fascinating.

Maureen said...

Kim, is that real?

Anonymous said...

That's amazing, Kim! I've seen that occur in Everett while driving on I5 near the flat area before you get to Marysville. I wanted to stop the car on the freeway to watch. It's just so cool!

My niece's husband recently filmed something similar in La Connor but it was snow geese flying. They were incredibly loud and big, and he got hit by droppings more than once, but it was very cool to see that video, too!


Kim Carney said...

So I have totally messed up my comments ... sorry guys ... some day I will figure out this blogging feature ;)

Hey, Maureen, oh it is real!!

Jeri, I have seen a small version in my backyard ... the flock of grackles is growing ... but I have never seen them in that big of a flock. I guess I should be heading out to La Conner. Have not been there in ages