Friday, January 11, 2013

The dirty collector

I finally ordered 50 vials for my dirt/sand collection. Found what I wanted on Ebay and was so excited when they arrived. Last night I started sifting through the sack I have weighted down with sandwich baggies of my collected sand/dirt. 

And I am needing more vials! Remember this post about the beginning of my obsession? There are some great links on that post.

I think I am going to contact the Sand Collector and do a trade. Tara has given me some great samples from BC, Florida AND ash from Mount St. Helens. Robin got me sand/silt from an anchor from the bottom of Lake Washington. A long-time blogger friend, Erin has promised some me some from Iraq. ;) Maggie gave me some great samples on my trip in the summer. Thank you, Maggie!

The very front sample is the Mount St. Helens. The different colors of each sample is so visually exciting.

Dirty Collection


Shelley Noble said...

Looks wonderful. I was doing this too in watch part vials just for the different colors! You are the coolest.

Erin Wilson said...

Chile too :) Should send some from here while I'm at it lol.

Beautiful collection, btw.

phlegmfatale said...

I love how you always show the beauty of every little thing. You are a gift to the world. :)

Kim Carney said...

Shelley! I just got my first trade and I so over the moon!

Erin, I was telling my new trade partner about your and your travels and the sand. He was jealous ;)

Hey Rita ... love you.