Friday, November 16, 2012


I have been lusting after this box wall organizer from Urban Outfitters for months to display my dirt collection. I have not bought anything is so long and today I said, "just do it". And I did. ;) With free shipping and a promotional coupon I found online, I even saved some money. 

It feels too soon to be jazzed about Christmas, I mean, really, my pumpkins are still rotting on the front stairs. But then I didn't realize Thanksgiving was next week. YIKES! So get in the winter mood, go over and be inspired by Sweet Paul Magazine

When the plumber was here, I had to packed up and move all of my miniature chair collection. Honestly, sometimes I forget it is even down in the sewing room. But HOW delighted I am when I rediscover it.

There are a few other's out there with my little chair obession.

Barbara Hartsfield has a 3,000 chair collection!  I really wish I had a couple on bottles.

Lazy Miniature Chair by Fresh West. 

Then I  discovered, Tom, Miniature Chair Man! Hello, Tom! You are my kind of collector.

Miniature Chairs! For sale. And I can hardly look at's mini designer chairs without breaking into a sweat.

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