Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It could be worse

It could be worse. That is what I keep telling myself in regards to the plumbing and electrical problems we have had the last couple of days. 

The last time we had some big back-up in our plumbing system, it was a very expensive venture of removing the driveway and cutting into the city street and replacing the entire section from house to street. As I think of it, we might still be paying for that ;) 

This time it was the same place we have had problems before. Taking chunks out of mom's bathroom wall and ceiling. I almost cried as they made their cuts. The ONE room in our house that was finished and didn't need any repair or paint. But I just kept thinking, it could be worse. ON the bright side, I have had the best plumber for almost 20 years, B & L Plumbing has been our constant companion in our hour of need. It feels good to have someone you trust and that knows your plumbing! He is not just our trusted plumber but also a friend.

My body is completely exhausted from all the moving stuff from one room to another to clear out space to get the source of plumbing problems. Lots of lights removed from ceiling, cleanup, vacuuming, mopping, washing, more moving, more mopping.

The electrical problem was the same. What David and I talk about all the time is that these 50-year-homes are not wired for a computer in every room, TVs, microwaves, printers, scanners, freezers, and all of those power tools. As soon as we can, we are going to have the garage put on it's own box. I am always juggling what to unplug before I plug in the vacuum in certain rooms.  I have "task lights" hanging in place of a few lights in the laundry room until Marty gets back. Speaking of ... I also have an electrician I also love, trust ... Blue Ribbon Electric. That is one bonus of living in the same place for a long time. When I have something go wrong, I know exactly who to call to get it right.

I had tried to get some Brantlers made for the upcoming Artwalk but now I have today. We will see how far I can get. It is hard for me to concentrate on art when the entire house in a mess, disarray is more like it.

For the electrician, we had to re-organize the studio. Move D's big drawing table out of Marty's way. One of the task on my list was to get rid of my old Macs that have been taking up table space there. We put them all out on the driveway, on their way to recycle. Dismantled the big computer table, and out to the driveway it went ... to Goodwill. Moved the big drawing table. Go through drawers, etc to clean it all out. All of these things I had planned to do ... not just in one night. All of this AND stopping to drive D to work. ;) It has been a very busy couple of days and now I am just trying to get caught up with daily stuff that has been neglected.

The hour I look forward to getting through this mess is happy hour in Rick and Laura's front patio covered with blooming jasmine. That is indeed my little happy hour! 


Shelley Noble said...

Yes, could be worse, BUT it's exhausting enough! Take very good and gentle care with yourself, Dear Kim. And good luck with the lovely house.

Anny Choo said...

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Mrs. Mom said...

It has been a few days since you posted about this... It could have been worse, but WOW. That was a lot of work. I hope you have had time to rest up and relax a bit.