Friday, November 11, 2011

Minding my manners

I was just about to complain about what a frustrating week it has been then I read my horoscope ... "If things get annoying, focus on what's really important. Mind your manners. Only complain to someone who can do something about it. Stand up for yourself." 

So instead, I am going to share the weather. We have a cold front moving in ... fast-moving clouds are "Seattle gray" leaving the interior of home, dark ... coldness working its way from my feet, up my leg. (Time for fire?) Blustery wind ripping beautifully colored leaves from the branch... sending them in swirls, around and around, first up then twirling down. The crows are sitting on a layer of the wind, suspended, bobbing, teasing nature. Something to watch with joy. Except I hate the thought that tomorrow most trees will now be bare with lovely pools of color collected beneath them. 

I wish I had not waited for work email yesterday and instead taken a walk in the sun. To see golds and reds glowing from within. 

While waiting for work email, I played around with an old idea of making my own Playing Cards. 

An airplane is passing overhead, and for an instant I dream of where I would be going if I were buckled into a seat, peering out the window to see Edmonds below.

I have been gathering and re-stacking wood for winter. But the rest of my house is falling into a nasty abyss ... time for some serious house cleaning?

Mom is still pretty ill and that is worrying me to no end. We had a house guest for the week. She is pretty tired today.

The dogs need a bath. Constant scratching is getting to me. I just bathed them last week. What gives? A new strain of flea?

If the fall leaf photo doesn't turn out exactly as you wished, throw a filter over it and make it look like a painting.

Am wondering if  make art a part (of your life) e-course will help me out of my creative slump? 

Found some very cool sites this week: Cssizer is a simple tool to let you edit the design of an html page in real time (As you type). Animated buttons, CSS3 Shadow Box, make a cool pattern and get the CSS code at Patterinzer, have been listening to 30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS at Free Tuts, trying to figure out Google+.

Finished up our last makeover session last night with Rick ... was more work than we first thought. But really fun. I was hoping to get some paying work from it ... still scheming. ;)

And as promised, the rain has just come. Thanks for listening.

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