Saturday, April 18, 2009

Craft by Nature Contest

I entered my Ringas in the CraftStylish contest, "Craft by Nature". "Crafters must use any combination of recycled materials, items from nature (yes, we mean pinecones!, etc) and eco-friendly products." Then later thought and forgot about the driftwood/test tube vases! Darn. Gosh, I miss being crafty! Having time to do something fun. Today is full of getting baskets ready for the Jazz Band Auction being held tonight. David promises he will not be involved in this next year, but he said that last year. ;0


jill said...

How awesome are these rings and I love that you entered them...!! Keep us posted.

Amy said...

I love mine and so does Molly! That little girl insists on wearing it anytime I have it on or she catches a glimpse of it in my bowl of jewelry. It's a piece/style for all ages :).

PaintaPicture said...

Hi Kim!

I am an intern for an eco-friendly furniture retailer and manufacturer in Savannah, GA called Structured Green. I wanted to tell you that we included you in the most recent blog and your entry for the Crafty By Nature contest.

Check it out at


Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i love, Love, LOVE your ringies. they are super fabulous. And i love your driftwood vases too.

Hope the Jazz Auction went well. I know it was a lot of work for you guys.