Saturday, April 15, 2006

Yum From Ming And Beyond!

Been watching some cooking shows on kcts today - YUM.

Simply Ming made Pate Brise (tart dough, I think, I am working so not paying close attention) Lemongrass-Crab Quiche and Foie Gras-Leek Tart. Would like to try them all!

Before that New Scandinavian cooking with Tina Nordstrom. By this time my co-worker and I were foaming at the mouth and searching for her recipes. Pepper Crusted Beef with Cherry Tomatoes and she also made a puree parsnips (with Creme Fraiche). They should not make these recipes so hard to find on their sites (they need to hire me as a usability advisor!)

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Ulla said...

My mouth is watering too, we don't have Cable so I miss out on shows like this, but I can just imagine it would make it difficult to work, with one's stomach growllllling so loud!