Saturday, November 20, 2004

Monster comes out to play

The big hungry monster usually comes out in October. Surfacing when I carve my first pumpkin. I carve 2 or 3 and think what was I thinking, I should have bought more pumpkins. Off I go to the store. This happens every Halloween. My creativity MONSTER. Hungry for time to have fun, making fun things. No computer generated art or production work. Just fun. And this is the way my I begin the most intense period of creativity. Feed the monster.




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Nimbostratusdweller said...

So how is crissmiss creating coming along? I have Gabriels Oboe, just in case Matt didn't deliever that message, so I will return the 30th and we can finish our musical collaboration. Good to be dreating again Kim, thanks. Love your pumpkins!