Friday, October 08, 2021

My pills are packed and I'm ready to go

My neighbor called yesterday to catch up and after about 2 seconds of conversation, I had nothing else to "catch her up on". Brother! Am I am boring. About the only thing I could remember was the latest stuff I had watched on Netflix and Amazon. 

So about the pills and toothbrush being packed. I am taking a quick trip to Sun Valley with my BFF. Just a few days. We are driving a van but have a place to stay. The 10 day forecast says 20 degrees at night! Yikes. I really fear going to Idaho right now because the Covid cases are rising, but we aren't eating out or at least I am NOT mingling with others. I am just riding along to help drive and be company. So I will have something different to think besides what is on Netflix. (Although I do have Netflix on my phone and iPad)

I have been making phone calls for quotes to have my falling-down fence replaced. I need to make a decision who quickly, because the fence might not make it until the end to the week. The bids have come in about what I thought they would, but still painful to see it on paper. I had some trees trimmed this summer and while he was here, he cut down a huge, tall hedge that was dying in the front of our house. And then, we decided to have him cut down an Rhodie that had gotten out of control at the front window. We had completely lost a view from the second floor and he said if he trimmed it back a much as it needed, it would look terrible. To Bri and David's delight, he suggested just removing it. I was very hesitant about this decision but went along. Now mind you, all of these elements of the front yard have been here for probably 40-50 years, so you can only imagine how horrible it looks. I see neighbors walking their dogs stop and shake their heads in disgust. I have spoken to some neighbors and promised we have something beautiful in mind. Where the long, tall hedge was will probably require about 9 bushes, full sun, can get rather dry. Close to the house, full shade and can be rather dry in summer. I have been stressing over what to plant but before anything gets planted we need to amend the soil. A few is ideas have been Black Lace® Elderberry but it seems like it could get very large. This time of the year I am see Burning Bush and have always wanted some. A long row of those in the autumn might be nice? Oh, look, there is a Dwarf Burning Bush

Ligustrum Japonicum 'Recurvifolium' could be a possibility. I am pretty sure we have one in the backyard. It has great fragrant white flowers. I always thought it was called a Texas Bush.
A row of Lavendar sounds lovely. Drought tolerant? Wonderfully fragrant, bees love them.
I love the structure of the Hebe “Emerald Gem”
My first thought was Spring Bouquet Viburnum, because I love them.
Well, I am struggling so now I am reaching out to see what it would cost to get a consultation. So I will not kill 100's of dollars on plants.


Joanne S said...

I wrote a bunch of stuff and my comment went somewhere but not o you-???
As a master gardener and a former garden center employee (who tended the perennial yard plants)
Look at neighborhood gardens- they have the same conditions you have in your yard.
Are the plants you want to buy- in their gardens? If yes, how do they look? Happy or Sad.

Read the tags that come with the plants or take a plant guide along and read what the book says about care and feeding and ZONE. Some gorgeous things that I want- do not live past Fall in my Maine Garden. they freeze to death. My Zone is COLD.
If you have questions- you know where I am. Just ask.

Kim Carney said...

That is great! Thank you!
I get so nervous making these decisions and thinking it will all go to hell in a year ;)

Kim Carney said...

Joanne S ... I looked around the neighborhood and found many yards that have burning bushes ;) stopped and ask a few about the growth rate, etc