Monday, May 05, 2008

Blogger Choice Award

I voted for Holli today, registered and logged in to Bloggers Choice Award ... started looking at pages and pages of the choices in the photo blog section, some wonderful, some unworthy. A few I found I really like (and I have not gone through the millions of entries). Go have a look yourself.

Pro Photography blog

Soule Mama

I nominated Matt Bites for food (I didn't see him there). And when I have some time tonight I might nominate some more. I am feeling the power.

I would love to be nominated, but they have no category for me ;) since I am all over the map.


Holli wrote me today to say she had nominated me for Best Blog About Stuff and Best Photography Blog. Still not sure I really fit any categories there, not quite a photographer on par with others ... but thank you Holli!


Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i received my wonderful package of goodies yesterday...thank you so was like a mini christmas...and i hear you and trey finally met up...yay!!!...

Lesley said...

I've told the Bloggers Choice people that they need a category for blogs about art, and blogs about design. Either of them wold be perfect for you. 'Stuff' is better than nothing, but your blog deserves better!
You have to go get your nominee button on your sidebar so we can vote for you!