Sunday, January 29, 2006

Playing Around

I have been trying to sell boxes of LEGO®s with no success. I as thinking of making a birdhouse out of the LEGO®s I have and searching the internet found several fun sites. LEGO® jewelry by Jacqueline Sanchez via Art for Housewives. LEGO® art by Nathan Sawaya.

Sean's LEGO®
creations, The Brick Testament, LEGO® church by Jimmy Akin. Pink Lego Birdhouse Pendant by Nanobonbon on etsy.

Monopoly house earrings, Chess Board and Bingo by Sass Brown. I have a ton of those little houses! Now if I can just find the time to play.

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mati rose said...

on this topic, this is my friend's brother's work:
bible lego stories!